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  Sttych - Reinventing the Sartorial Game

Sttych is a IoT enabled platform that breaks the monotony of following the age old cycle by enabling people to get their dresses and costumes custom built online, from scratch. 

  IoT Based - Patient Fall Detection System

The Patient Fall Detection System is a IoT enabled platform that helps hospital ensure patient safety while sleeping through the use of sensors and analysing patient's movement patterns while sleeping. 

  ERPs & Workplace Management System

We have conceptualised tailor made solutions for business that allows them to manage their product, sales, operations, customer relationship and support, feedback, human resource, accounts and finances as well as legal and administrative tasks with utmost efficiency.

   CropDrop - Procure direct from Farm 

Building India's first farmer's app that allows commercial procurement of crops directly from the farmer. It uses GPS technology to track the location for pickup of commodities and delivers to the buyer. In a nutshell, its a Olx for farmers and procurers simplifying the exchange.

   IoT Based - Driver & Ambulance Tracking Platform

Hospitals often lose track of the real time availability of their ambulances that are active in fleet. Another lacunae is the availability and promptness of drivers working on the night shifts. Out sensor based IoT solution not only tracks the vehicles in real time on map, but also gives you the movement and activity of drivers, e.g., if they are inactive on duty, the hospital gets notified.  

  IoT Based - Anti Theft & Inventory Platform 

We conquered the challenge when a leading supply chain firm in India, facing a consistent problem of component theft and loss, occurring out of their heavy transport vehicles. We used IoT and RFID tech to digitise the inventory, and with the new system in place, their check in/out of vehicle along with all its tagged components gets logged, ensuring integrity of parts.

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